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Spicy Chengdu

Spicing up your taste buds!

The capital of the Sichuan Province, Chengdu is famous for the Great Pandas and their spicy cuisine. But it is not just any ordinary spice, it is called 麻辣 (Ma La). This spice came from the pepper 花椒 (Hua Jiao) which cause numbness to the tongue when bitten on. The typical sichuanese cuisine usually cooked with lots of chili, pepper and oil. If you have the love for spicy food, Chengdu is definitely the place to visit!

Click on the photos to read more about the food!

大蓉和 (Da Rong He)


Verdict: Highly recommended! Can’t go to Chengdu without eating at this restaurant!

虾佬圣汤 (Mr Prawn’s Holy Soup)



Verdict: Must go!

南粥北面 (Nan Zhou Bei Mian)


 Verdict: Worth trying! Healthy stuff!

雅安倪记老面馆 (Ya An Ni Ji Lau Mian Guan) 


Verdict: Yes! Well patronized by the locals

大妙 (Da Sha)


Verdict: Your adventure in Chengdu is not complete without getting your taste buds exposed to the sichuanese hotpot!

滋味烤鱼 (Zi Wei Kao Yu)


Verdict: Must try! But this restaurant is always so packed with customers. Be prepared to queue for at least an hour during dinner time.

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