“A moment on your lips, a lifetime on your hips” – unknown

Whoever came up with that phrase deserves an applause. Even though there is some truth in it, but that doesn’t mean that we should restrict ourselves from consuming the food we love. Looking through dessert recipes online often scares me with the amount of butter and sugar that is being used. No doubt sugar is important in the Millard reaction, I’ve been on a quest to reduce the amount of sugar and butter used without compromising the taste and texture of the dessert. So here I am to share some of the healthier recipes that I’ve adapted.



Cupcakes, muffins and puddings

Something chocolatey

Pies, tarts and slices

Cheesecakes and tiramisu

Vegan baking

Bread and scones

Festive baking

Gluten-free baking

Savoury foods


  1. Tom & Percie says

    For the brownie after baking, may be good to chill overnight for a chewy texture when all the ingredients sit in 🙂

  2. Hi Liting! Congratulations for the beautiful blogsite! Can’t wait to try some of your indulgent dessert creations the next time I pay singapore a visit 🙂

  3. Chandra says

    Hi Li Ting! I love your blog- so fun! Great pix of your baked goodies – look absolutely delectable and your recipes seem so simple!!! I am trying out the almond cornflake cookies!l Crossing my fingers! 😉
    Chandra from the Shala

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