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Yokoso Tokyo!

Calbee fresh potato chips
Tokyo Station (Yaesu exit)
Verdict: Must try! For the junk food lovers, their freshly cut potato chips is delicious. There are various flavours to choose from such as cheese, sour cream and even chocolate drizzled potato chips. My favourite is the freshly made Jagabee, tastes like french fries but so much better! It’s a must try snack when you are Tokyo Station.

Beer hall
Tokyo Station (Yaesu exit)
Verdict: One of the best katsu I’ve ever had. The Japanese have a good technique of deep frying food, the pork is tender on the inside and the crust is crispy. I don’t even feel guilty eating it because the katsu is not even oily. Delicious!

Tokyo Marriott Hotel at Shinagawa (formerly known as Hotel Laforet)
Verdict: The hotel rooms are huge for a hotel in Tokyo. The breakfast was sumptuous and the service excellent. Location wise, not that bad, about 15 minutes walk to Shinagawa station.

Tokyo Disney Sea
Verdict: Worth going once in your life! Japan is the only country with Disney Sea. The rides there aren’t the kind that freaks you out, more of the fun kind of rides. The food there is pretty expensive. I was like a glutton there trying out different food cause it’s halloween and the food just looks interesting but doesn’t taste as great.

A glimpse of autumn in Nikko
My family and I took a train to Nikko to see the autumn leaves and we did a four hours hike through the forest where we passed by two big waterfalls, huge grassland and tons of Japanese kids on a school excursion. Nikko was really pretty but better time to go would be in November. By then, the leaves would have all turned red. Definitely worth a day trip.

Kani Doraku
3-14-20, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Theatre Bldg 7, 8F
Verdict: Tastes pretty good, but I didn’t really find it very satisfying. If only the portions were bigger or if only we could afford to order more. We ordered Nishiki no mai (Yen4,200 = SGD 53) and the Eiraku set (Yen6,510 = SGD83).

Yoyogi 2-14-3
Verdict: A must go! It serves the best Tsukemen I’ve ever tasted in my life! Tsukemen is basically dipping noodles, the noodles are served separately with a really thick sauce for you to dip in. This place is amazing. The chef is so dedicated that you can see it written on his face. He really has a lot of OCD but that just simply shows that he is a perfectionist. I’ll definitely eat there again!

Tsukiji fish market
Verdict: This place is amazing! I was eating something every five minutes from fresh sashimi to perfectly grilled eel, wagyu beef stick… Love this place!

4-5-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
(in Japanese, 東京都中央区銀座4-5-7)
Just one minute walk from Tokyu Metro Ginza
Verdict: Must try their Anpan bread (Red bean bread), cream cheese bread and custard bread. My favourite was the cream cheese bread. It has to be the best cream cheese bread I’ve ever tasted!

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