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Peanut butter Nutella cookies

The Nutella baking continues. This time, I’ve decided to mix two of my favourite spreads together – peanut butter and Nutella. Best to use commercial peanut butter such as Krafts or Skippy as they are less oily. I’ve made quite a number of peanut butter cookies before and I usually cream both peanut butter and butter together. This time, I’ve substituted the butter for Nutella because I cannot imagine how sinful this cookie will be with Peanut butter, butter and Nutella all in one. The creamy texture of Nutella helps to make the cookie dough less dry.


Rolling out the cookie dough for this recipe is quite tricky because the peanut butter makes the dough crumbly. I prefer to roll it using my own hands because the heat and moisture from my hands help to keep the dough together. It takes a little more time and patience rolling the dough out. I’ve also added in white chocolate chip and dark chocolate chips into the dough – you can never have enough chocolates in a cookie!


It is best to make the cookie dough one day in advance and let it rest in the refrigerator. When baking the cookies, take it out from the oven when it is slightly soft and let it cool outside. If not the cookies will become too dry and hard when over baked. Hope the you’ll enjoy the cookies as much as I did!

Nutrition per cookie (one batch makes 60)



  1. 200g peanut butter
  2. 100g Nutella
  3. 80g caster sugar
  4. 100g plain flour
  5. 1 egg
  6. 0.5 tsp bicarbonate soda
  7. 50g white chocolate chips
  8. 50g dark chocolate chips


Preparation time: 30min
Baking time: 10-15min

  1. Cream the peanut butter, Nutella and caster sugar together until light and fluffy
  2. Turn the whisk to low speed, add the egg in and continue to cream until a uniform mixture is formed
  3. Sieve the flour and bicarbonate soda into the mixture and fold it in gently until a dough is formed
  4. Cling wrap the dough and place it in the freezer for an hour or in the refrigerator overnight
  5. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees
  6. Roll the cookie dough out and add the chocolate chips into each cookie dough – I prefer to do it this way so that every cookie has a chunk of chocolate chip in it
  7. Place the cookie dough in the oven and bake it for about 15min or when the dough turns slightly soft
  8. Leave it out to cool

There you have it! Peanut butter Nutella cookies loaded with chocolate chips!


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