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The to-do list in Bali

‘Nua-ing’ (basically means chilling out in Hokkien) by the beach or in the villa is one of the best things to do in Bali. If you enjoy a lazy holiday, it’s good to find a nice villa to relax in. If you have tons of energy, there are lots of activities you can do in Bali too! Read on to find out more.

Corra Villa
Beautiful, spacious villa conveniently located near the beach and Seminyak Square. The breakfast prepared by the helpers was delicious and they kept the villa really clean and neat. The driver was very friendly and speaks good english. My family truly enjoyed our stay there. I’ll definitely stay there again.
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Seminyak beach and Ku De Ta
Verdict: I prefer Seminyak beach to Kuta beach partly because it is less crowded. You can rent a deck chair and tan in the sun. The waves there are good for boggie boards and surfing which are readily available from the vendors by the beach. Remember to bargain as the vendors tend to jack up the prices. For a two hour rent, we paid 25,000 rupiah for one boogie board, 100,000 rupiah for one surf board and 50,000 rupiah for the deck chairs. Alternatively, you can chill out by Ku De Ta which has an inviting deck area facing the beautiful sea.

Padang Beach
Verdict: What’s more inviting than blue waters and yellow fine sand? This beach is usually a stopover if you are on your way to Uluwatu Temple. It’s also one of the more popular spots for surfers.
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Odysseys Surf School
Located at Mercure Kuta Hotel Arcade
Jl Pantai Kuta
Kuta – Bali
Verdict: If you always wanted to pick up surfing, then you can consider learning the techniques from this surf school. The instructors speak good english and are good at teaching the basics for surfing. A 2.5hr surf class costs USD35 per pax.
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Tanah Lot Temple
Verdict: A must go! Its a beautiful temple located in the waters and you can only access it when the tide is low (reminds me of Mont Saint Michel in France); so remember to check the tide timings and plan your trip well.
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Uluwatu Temple
Verdict: Beautiful cliff side temple with a scenic view of the ocean. Most people visit this temple for the sunset which is breathtaking. Be careful of the monkeys there as they will approach you and might snatch your belongings away, so better not to be carrying any loose items or food.
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Blue point Pecatu
Verdict: This is a gorgeous resort with a magnificent view of the ocean. We only passed by it and got off to take some photos but I would love to stay here if I ever get a chance. There is no point coming here just to sightsee, unless you want to check out how beautiful the resort is.
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A day trip to Ubud
Ubud is about 2hrs drive away from Seminyak (depending on traffic). We hired a driver for the day and visited the Monkey Forest where I was freaking out most of the time as I am terrified of monkeys. You can buy food to feed the monkeys and they will come climbing all over your body (literally). Most of the tourists seem very fascinated by it but I’m just running away from every monkey that comes close to me so if you are a fan of monkeys, then I would recommend this place, if not, you might as well skip it.

After the Monkey forest, we ate at the famous Babi Guling restaurant (Ibu Oka Restaurant). I’m not a fan of Babi Guling (suckling pig) as I’m used to the Chinese suckling pig where the meat and skin is served hot. This was served warm. The skin was crispy and the meat was tender but I would say that the Babi Guling in Ubud is very overrated.
Address: Jalan Suweta/Tegal Sari No. 2Ubud, Bali

After lunch, you can shop around Ubud square where there is a local market there that sells many local produce. There’s also an old palace which you can visit for free. When in Ubud, remember to visit the Tegalalang Rice Terrace. The view is nice and there are many cafes there for you stop for a drink and soak up the beauty and tranquility of the place. If you are more adventurous, you can take a walk through the rice terrace and watch the locals sow the seeds.

From the rice terrace, we visited Sebatu Agro tourism fields in Tegalalang Village where the local gave us a tour of the different herbs and its usage. I found this tour interesting especially when they showed us how Luwak coffee was made- the most expensive coffee where the coffee seeds have been defecated by the Asian palm civet. They also gave us a variety of tea and coffee to sample. I would recommend this place if you are into agro tourism.

We didn’t have time to go to the famous Saraswati Temple so we went to Obyek Wisata Gunung Kawi Sebatu Tegallalang. It was a pretty temple with water features and ponds. There is also a public pool located in the temple for the locals to use.

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