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Dining in mystical Jeju

This mystical island seems to have the best of both worlds. The ocean providing islanders with abundant amount of seafood. There you can find the freshest abalone, juiciest cuttlefish and tastiest mackerel. Its fertile volcanic soil is also the perfect condition for the growing of tangerines, mushrooms and tea.

Besides its fresh produce and seafood, Jeju is also famous for its black pork. One of the most popular meals is black pork barbecue which is not to be missed. As I speak and write no korean, I’ll be categorising by food and showing pictures of the names of the restaurants. Hopefully you will be able to find these restaurants and get to understand the food culture of this mystical island.

Abalone porridge and seafood soup
Tel: 782-1089
This is my favourite restaurant in Jeju. It is conveniently located near Seongsan Ilchulbong and is extremely popular amongst tourists and locals. The abalone porridge there is delicious! The seafood soup had a generous amount of seafood with five whole juicy abalone in it. It’s just too good to be true.

Black belly pork
Tel: 738-5833
Be prepared to smell like smoked pig after the meal. I do enjoy eating the black belly pork but I get sick and tired of it easily as it’s pretty oily. Nevertheless, it’s something that one must try when in Korea.

Shabu shabu
Tel: 763-3197
Shabu shabu is a Japanese dish rather than a korean dish. But we found this restaurant near our hotel that served really nice Shabu shabu. It was interesting because there was a particular sequence and way of consuming the shabu shabu. It came with this colourful noodles that was made of three different types of ingredients. At the end of it, they will add rice into the left over soup and let it simmer to become porridge. Super yummy!

Innisfree cafe
This cafe is absolutely charming. It is situated next to the tea plantations and the ambience is just serene. They serve organic food and it’s delicious. You can also purchase special Innisfree products that can only be found in Jeju. If you are craving for some western food, this is the place to go.

Osulloc tea Museum
I’m not a fan of green tea flavoured products which is something my friends and family find it strange because I love to drink green tea. This tea museum sells an assortment of tea and different grades of green tea leaves. There is also a cafe there which is always crowded. Despite my lack of liking towards green tea flavoured products, I really enjoyed the green tea roll and green tea latte. Since this tea museum is located just next to Innisfree cafe, you can just head over there for desserts after lunch.

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