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Almond cornflake cookies

Chinese New Year is fast approaching so I’m busy testing out new cookie recipes. I was trying to replicate the cornflake cookies from Bengawan Solo but it wasn’t successful at all. Instead, I came up with my own almond cornflake cookies which is now my new favourite thing to bake!


Nutrition per cookie (one batch makes 75 cookies)



  1. 100g plain flour
  2. 100g wholemeal flour
  3. 120g unsalted butter
  4. 80g brown sugar
  5. 1 large egg
  6. 60ml maple syrup
  7. 120g cornflakes
  8. 80g almond flakes
  9. 1 tsp vanilla essence
  10. 1 tsp bicarbonate soda


Preparation time: 15 min
Baking time: 15min or when the cookie turns brown

  1. Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy
  2. Sieve in the flour and bicarbonate soda and mix it until it form a cookie dough
  3. In a saucepan, slowly heat the maple syrup with almond flakes. Ensure that all the almond flakes are coated with syrup
  4. Pour the syrup mixture over the cornflakes and mix it together
  5. Add the cornflake mix together with the cookie dough
  6. Place the dough into the fridge. I usually leave it overnight but if you don’t have the time, just place it in the freeze for 20min
  7. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees
  8. Roll the dough out individually
  9. Bake it cookies until it turns golden brown




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