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Christmas snowman decoration

One last bake before Christmas! I’ve decided to make a snowman decoration for my cupcakes and brownies. You can choose to use either whipping cream or cream cheese for the snowman body. However due to the hot and humid weather in Singapore, it is easier to work with cream cheese instead of whipping cream.


This snowman decoration is super easy to make and I had a lot of fun building my snowman. It looks so cute that I cannot bear to eat it. Plus it makes a delightful party dessert that is bound to impress.


  1. Marshmallows
  2. 1 small piece of dark chocolate
  3. Pretzel sticks or pretzels broken up
  4. Raspberry
  5. 250g cream cheese
  6. 30g unsalted butter
  7. 1 tsp vanilla essence
  8. 40g icing sugar


  1. Melt the small piece of chocolate in the microwave oven
  2. Using a skewer, dab a tiny bit of the melted chocolate onto one side of the marshmallow to create the eyes and mouth
  3. Leave it to cool
  4. Using a mixer, whisk the cream cheese, unsalted butter, vanilla essence and icing sugar until smooth
  5. Use a piping bag and rounded nozzle, pipe the cream cheese onto the cupcakes or brownie. First creating a big ball of frosting then create a smaller ball of frosting on top of it
  6. Place the marshmallow with the face onto the frosting
  7. Add on the pretzel sticks at the side of the frosting as the hands
  8. Using leftover cream cheese or chocolate as the “glue”, dip the bottom of the raspberry into it and then place it on top of the marshmallow as its hat

There you have it! I call it my army of snowman. Hope you guys enjoy it and Merry Christmas!



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