“A moment on your lips, a lifetime on your hips” – unknown

Whoever came up with that phrase deserves an applause. Even though there is some truth in it, but that doesn’t mean that we should restrict our diet. To save us (especially the sweet tooth) from a lifetime of agony, I’ve decided to share some of the healthier recipes that I’ve adapted. Cheers!

Chocolate baking

Chocolates… I can’t go a day without having a piece of chocolate. Check out the different types of wonderful desserts you can make with one of the world’s most popular foods.


Butter-free baking

Butter is an essential ingredient used in most baking. However, there are some recipes that allows the use of grape seed oil or olive oil as a substitute as a healthier alternative.


Birthday cakes

“A year older but not another year wiser” that’s what my family and friends tell me all the time. But hey, there is nothing wrong with being a child at heart.



Yum… this dessert is a big hit amongst my family and friends. It’s a dish made to impress.



Who doesn’t love a good old cookie? I’m like cookie monster the moment these cookies leave the oven. It is just heavenly


Loaf cakes

I love cakes that are simple yet wholesome. Loaf cakes are one of my favourites. Plus the recipe is easily replicated to all kinds of ingredients to make different delicious cakes such as lemon loaves and coffee loaves. 



Simple, easy and quick to make. If you have a bunch of over ripe fruits, these muffin recipes are the ones to turn to.


Pies and tarts

Pies and tarts are one of the best dinner party dishes. It’s a head turner and bound to impress your party guests. But the truth is that it really isn’t that hard to make.



Sticky date pudding

Sticky date puddings is one of my favourite desserts – I love the moist texture of the cake coupled with that sinful salted caramel sauce. However, the problem that I have with stick date puddings is that it tend to be way too sweet! Dates are nutritious fruits packed with lots of vitamins, fibre and natural sugars – there is no need to add unnecessary sugar this delicious fruit. So let’s try to reduce that spoonful of sugar!



  1. Tom & Percie says

    For the brownie after baking, may be good to chill overnight for a chewy texture when all the ingredients sit in :-)

  2. Hi Liting! Congratulations for the beautiful blogsite! Can’t wait to try some of your indulgent dessert creations the next time I pay singapore a visit :)

  3. Chandra says

    Hi Li Ting! I love your blog- so fun! Great pix of your baked goodies – look absolutely delectable and your recipes seem so simple!!! I am trying out the almond cornflake cookies!l Crossing my fingers! ;)
    Chandra from the Shala

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