The classic brownie

Who doesn’t love a rich brownie filled with chunks of white and milk chocolates? This brownie is one of my favourite foods to bake. It is easy to make, almost impossible to go wrong and the perfect party dish to bring along.


IMG_9431 copy

The jet lag coffee cake

I first started baking this cake when I was suffering from jet lag after my trip back from the States. I love the smell of coffee in the morning (even though I barely consume them) so I thought what better way to welcome the morning by baking a delicious coffee cake.


Vegan blueberry lemon vest cupcakes

Combining two of my favourite fruits into one cupcake is like a treat from heaven. This is the first vegan cake I’ve made and it tastes so good. Of course the texture and taste is different as compared to using butter but at least it is healthier.


Chocolate marble cake

I love cakes that are simple yet wholesome. Marble cakes tend to be very buttery and fattening. They do taste good but I feel guilty after eating them especially since I can never stop at one slice. So to save myself, I’ve revised the recipe to make it more guilt-free. 


Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie… one of my favourite desserts of all time. I love the sour kick in this dessert, it’s like an awakening call to all your senses. This was my first time making it and I’m really happy with it. It shall be my new party dish!


Vegan banana walnut cinnamon muffin

I have zero creativity when it comes to naming foods – Banana walnut cinnamon muffin. Who can’t guess what’s in it? I have the weirdest exam stress coping mechanism. Somehow, I enjoy baking during the exam period and it’s not as if I have plenty of time but my brain just tells me to bake. Maybe it’s a common ‘disorder’ amongst Dietetics students. Fortunately, this muffin takes less than 15min to prepare and it tastes delicious! It’s the perfect comfort food in times like this.


Cookie dough cheesecake

Yum… this dessert is a big hit amongst my family and friends. You can play around with the recipe by adding reese chocolates instead of chocolate chunks. It’s a dish made to impress.


Old-school chocolate chip cookies

I saw this recipe on BBC good food and decided to make some healthy alterations to it. It is a classic recipe and a hit amongst friends. You can even use the same recipe and add coffee essence instead of vanilla to make coffee chocolate chip cookies.



 Blueberry lemon loaf cake

I decided to make a slight twist to my blueberry lemon zest cupcakes recipe and bake a blueberry lemon loaf cake instead. I used butter instead of grape seed oil as I don’t think the texture of the loaf will be nice without butter. When the cake was baking, the whole house smelt like lemon and vanilla – what an aroma!


William pear muffin

Not sure what to do with a bunch of over ripe pears? Well here’s a recipe that is healthy, wholesome and delicious – perfect over a cup of tea!



Sticky date pudding

Sticky date puddings is one of my favourite desserts – I love the moist texture of the cake coupled with that sinful salted caramel sauce. However, the problem that I have with stick date puddings is that it tend to be way too sweet! Dates are nutritious fruits packed with lots of vitamins, fibre and natural sugars – there is no need to add unnecessary sugar this delicious fruit. So let’s try to reduce that spoonful of sugar!


Passion fruit lemon tart 

Passion fruits and lemons are one of my favourite ingredients to use for baking. Mainly because I love anything that is sour. Instead of the usual pastry, made out of just butter and sugar, I’ve decided to change it up a little to add texture to the tart and make it more nutritious. So I’ve adapted a recipe that I saw for a lemon bar and used ground rice flour, sesame and poppy seeds for the pastry base. It was delicious – I could eat the whole tart on my own. Hope that you’ll enjoy the tart as much as my friends and I did


Hot cross cookies

Whenever I think of Easter, chocolate and cinnamon comes to my mind. This Easter, I’ve decided to make hot cross cookies using white chocolate and cranberries. Somehow white chocolate and cranberries always come hand-in-hand – it’s like a marriage of ingredients. As I didn’t have a pipping bag, I used a teaspoon and drizzled white chocolate over the cookies to make the cross (seriously need to work on my drizzling skills). Even without the white chocolate drizzled over it, the cookies still taste as good.



 Pitted dates carrot cake 

This is my first time making a cake for my friend’s birthday and I’ve decided to combine two of her favourite cakes into one. It took me slightly over an hour preparing the ingredients from the cake and my hands were sore from grating all that carrots. But the birthday girl loved the cake and everyone had a great time and that’s all that matters!



  1. Tom & Percie says

    For the brownie after baking, may be good to chill overnight for a chewy texture when all the ingredients sit in :-)

  2. Hi Liting! Congratulations for the beautiful blogsite! Can’t wait to try some of your indulgent dessert creations the next time I pay singapore a visit :)

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